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Soilless Technology by Toyota & Suntory

Say Konichiwa To Clean and Affordable Urban Greenery. 


Our favorites

Pafcal - organic Soilless Plant Media

Benefits of Pafcal includes:

  • Virus-free

  • Clean

  • Durable

  • Careless

  • Bug-free


Naturally Simple

Midorie's Vertical Plant Wall System uses unique technology from Japan, promising large scale nature installation in your homes and offices without using a single drop of soil, so that you can enjoy a cleaner, easier maintenance, and healthier living environment. That's what we're so passionate about - helping urbanites like us get closer to nature easily and affordably.



Pafcal. Invented For The Mother Earth.

Pafcal is a patented soilless plant growth media, originated in Japan. Introduced to the world after a decade of research and development, Pafcal brings to the world a new possibility - growing precious plants without soil. The special technology encompasses nature's way of plant growth by maintaining consistent ratio of air and water. The outcome? An eco-friendly way of life. Minus the hassle.


A breath of fresh air. At work or home.